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The Wonderland Trail
encircling Mount Rainier



Cooking Author(s)
The Backcountry Kitchen: Camp Cooking for Canoeist, Hikers, and Anglers Teresa Marrone
Backcountry Cooking: Feasts for Hikers, Hoofers, and Floaters Sierra Adare, Slerra Sterling Adare, Jeff Corney
Camper's Guide to Outdoor Cooking: Tips, Techniques, and Delicious Eats John Ragsdale
The Totally Camping Cookbook Helen Siegel, Karen Gillingham
Cooking on a Stick: Campfire Recipes for Kids Linda White, Fran Lee
Dutch Oven Cooking John G. Ragsdale
Roughing it Easy/a Unique Idea Book for Camping and Cooking Dian Thomas
The Camper's Companion: the Pack-Along Guide for Better Outdoor Trips Rick Greenspan, Hal Kahn
Good Food for Camp and Trail: All Natural Recipes for Delicious Meals Outdoors Dorcas S. Miller
Trailside's Trail Food John Veihman
Well-Fed Backpacker June Fleming
Cooking the One Burner Way: Gourmet Cuisine for Backcountry Chef Buck Tilton, Melissa Gray
Simple Foods for the Pack Cluadia Axcell, Diana Cook, Vikki Kinmont
Backcountry Cooking: From Pack to Plate in 10 Minutes Dorcas S. Miller
Hungry Hikers Book of Good Cooking Gretchen McHugh
NOLS Cookery Claudia Pearson
The Basic Essentials of Cooking in the Outdoors Cliff Jacobson, Cliff Moen
Camp Cooking Bill McMorris, Jo McMorris



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