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The Wonderland Trail
encircling Mount Rainier


Mount Rainier

General Information    History    Volcanoes/Glaciers    Flora and Fauna    Weather
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General Information

Mount Rainier was established March 2, 1899 as our fifth national park.  The park encompasses 378 square miles (980 square kilometers).  Elevation ranges from 1880 feet at the Carbon River to 14,411 feet at the summit of Mount Rainier.   Approximately 2 million people visit the park each year to enjoy its moist rainforest, giant old growth forests, sub-alpine meadows, and glaciers.

Ranger Guided Walks
Guided walks and interpretive programs are presented seasonally within the park.   See the summer and winter park newspaper or check at the Longmire museum and various visitor centers for details.  Programs are open to all ages and abilities.

The road from Nisqually Entrance to Paradise is open year round (weather permiting).  During the winter the road at Longmire is closed at night.   The road from Paradise Ohanapecosh is open Memorial Day through early November.   Highway 123 and 410 via Cayuse Pass opens by late April through December. Chinook Pass opens by early June and closes in November. The Sunrise road opens to the White River Campground by mid-June and Sunrise by July 1st and closes in September.

Food and Lodging
Mount Rainier Guest Services Inc. operates the Paradise Inn, National Park Inn, and Sunrise Lodge in the park.  The Paradise Inn is open late May to early October for lodging, meals and gifts.  The Sunrise Lodge is open for meals and gifts July to September.  The National Park Inn is open year round for food, lodging and gifts.   For lodging reservations write Mount Rainier Guest Services, Inc. Box 108, Ashford, WA 98304 or call (360) 569-2275.